Monday, January 30, 2006

Released version 3.2.2. The most interesting change is the addition of support for SDL audio output.

Mp3blaster now compiles cleanly on more systems. It compiles cleanly on cygwin, but also on Mac OS X / Darwin OS.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Updated site layout. All content can now be accessed without page reloads, while still being usable by text-browsers. The layout is rather boring though; if you are a designer with too much time on your hands and have a nice idea for this site, please get into contact with me (bram @ avontuur . org)! I'll reward you handsomely by linking to your site and giving you credits :) My demands that must meet the design:
  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). No flashy painful-to-the-eyes layout. It should have a professional touch that is subtle yet appealing.
  • A navigation bar that links to the different sections. May be vertical as well.
  • (A) Logo, copyright notice. I'm not all that attached to the current logo or its font.
  • Preferably no pixel-perfect designs that make it hard to implement in HTML
  • It should scale well on different screens. Minimum screen size: 1024x768
  • Large contrasts for text/background such that visibly impaired people can read it easily.
  • I like dark backgrounds!
Released version 3.2.1. From this version on, mp3blaster is hosted on sourceforge.

Development has been rather slow. The reason for this is that I am in the process of developing a new mp3blaster that is totally different architecture-wise. This process is a very slow one though, so that's why I at least keep fixing bugs in the current version.  I have been holding off patches until now, but if you have (found) a bug(fix), please drop a note on the forum!